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Carolina Bonetto

Freelance EN-ES translator

Let me help you communicate with your Spanish audience with top-quality Spanish translation services.

Fostering language access in healthcare and education



Professional Spanish translation services for healthcare and education businesses

Hi! I am Carolina, but you can call me Caro. I am a native Spanish speaker from Argentina and a professional English to Spanish translator. I help healthcare and education businesses and professionals from the U.S. bridge the divides of language and effectively communicate with their Spanish audiences with translation and localization services.


Hi! I am Caro

Working with me

I’m a freelance translator

I’m not an agency, I’m a freelance translator. This means you know exactly who you are working with from the very beginning. I like to really get to know my clients and their needs, voice, values and beliefs, so I can offer them the most specialized translation services. 

I advocate for global access to quality healthcare and education services without language barriers, and I’m sure that’s what brings us together.


Working with me will help you navigate more smoothly the process of language accessibility and achieve many benefits, such as:


Improved patient-physician communication, better health outcomes and patient satisfaction, less risk of malpractice, decreased liability and increased efficiency, more appropriate use of services.

Improved student performance, cross-cultural effectiveness, better communication between students/families and school administrations, compliance with language access regulations.
Check out my services!


As you make efforts to improve language access in your services, you probably ask yourself many questions:

  1. How can I make my Spanish-speaking audience feel comfortable with my services?
  2. Do I really know my target audience?
  3. Are my services inclusive?
  4. Are my services compliant with language access policies?
  5. What type of services do I need? Translation, localization, quality assurance?

And so on.
But worry no more because I’m here to help you.


What do I do?


(I translate content from English into Spanish with a focus on an accurate representation of the source meaning.)


(I translate content while making it culturally specific to the target language and target culture.)


(I translate and rewrite creative content in the target language while focusing on the emotional effect of the message rather than on the literal equivalence of the words.)


(I amend an original or translated text in order to enhance its spelling, grammar, and style.)


(I compare a translation to its source text in order to verify if no mistakes were made on the level of interpretation, spelling and grammar.)


(I amend an original or translated text in order to remove spelling or punctuation errors.)


(I amend a text that was previously pre-translated by a machine translation engine.)

SEO translation

(I translate content while doing search engine optimization (SEO) keyword research in the target language and implementing these keyword results into the translation.)


(I translate spoken video content to written text made to fit on a screen.)

Working with me